The National Woolgrowers' Association of SA (NWGA) condemns the practice of mulesing in South Africa.  On 31 May 2007, the National Congress adopted a unanimous and unopposed resolution to declare mulesing an unacceptable practice.  Congress decision. .

More than 90% of the South African clip is declared non-Mulesed. 

Wool sheep producers sign a declaration with their clip advice to confirm the status of their clip.

International clients buying wool from South Africa may request mules-free declarations for specific lots sold on the auction.  Cape Wools SA (CWSA) is in a position to provide this information.

An independent 3rd party national control survey commissioned by CWSA confirmed that 100% of the sample were indeed mules-free.

Declaration by Cape Wools SA of mules-free wool in SANon-mulesing product declaration by CWSA.

The situation in South Africa specifically regarding the Mules operation.